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Smile @ criticism and make quick turn around.

As an upcoming creative artist aspiring greater heights with your craft, one must embrace and smile at criticism.

To be in the music spotlight is not an over night job, shortcut has no blessings in this flied of work, it only takes constant practice and enduring each moment with a positive responds.

I remember my first staging during senior high school, the hustle replay itself like it was yesterday.

In most cases we’re left without choices but a chance, just that opportunity to impress few among the audience what we’re passionate in.

Imagine that overwhelming sensation and the frustration you go through when you have that opportunity to perform that one song, as an upcoming artist dealing with unsatisfied audience after your performance, the best thing to do isto remain that smile on your face.

Be thankful you were not stone off stage, many great musician have had their worse of experience share.

And always remember ‘the master was once a student, who made lost mistakes and went through lot of pain.

Compared to any form of work, like a baby learning to walk begins to crawl.

One must be ever ready to accept his/her mistakes, which is very important, even you learn to accept mistakes which you didn’t create, just to make peace for work to progress, and remember that’s one of the qualities of a good leader.

Embracing criticism is another means to measure growth or  measure your development. Place criticism among your working tools, that should help evolve over the years of constant practice.

Keeping a positive mindset is one of the fundamental rule to attract opportunities, and always remember critics are not your enemy, they are the voices that should force you not to back down, this voices should make you rehearse your lines over and over again.

At the long run with that progressive constant effort you should be able to turn your critics to loyal fans, just keep practicing until you find your true self.

One’s confidence and perfection evolves during practice, for even some of your songs, fans will disagree with the content and your choice of words, but that doesn’t mean you should stop doing what makes you happy, that’s when you have to do more until you’re perfect at delivering what you have practice.

No One Care but you have to care about everything happening around you, and must keep a positive attitude to your inner and outside world, doing what makes you happy, and remember music is not a one man thing but a team business.

A good team makes a dream come true.

Keep practicing and smile at criticism.

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