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Vast Experience Working With Artists And Engineers

Counting My Growth Working With Engineers, Especially Working With Producer and Sound Engineer Alvinliemusic

I remember when working on my own songs, I found it very hard to give final judgement to most of my mix.

That compel me to share most of my songs with fans to get feedbacks, can’t forget the insecurity, anxiety and unbalance state of mind back then.

You will be amaze with some of the responds I had, to some it sound like perfect final work, to others I must work on the output levels more, until I came across this professional music light workers.

There’s a vast difference collaborating with an artist and a professional sound engineer, especially when you have to share files on the internet.

The internet age has made corresponding, work and proactive development far more easier, most of the engineers I’m collaborating with stays in far different countries, talk of Germany, Russia, USA, UK, Ghana and etc.

Just to mention my recent single release Love Make Us Humble which narrate a life time journey, a story that depict love and humbleness,  which one must express throughout our various travel towards the challenges we encounter.

Love Make Us Humble


Like said in my earlier blogs, I’m the kind of artist that embrace criticism, I am not afraid of making mistakes, corrections, nor going back to the drawing board to have it right.


I’ll not have reach this far with my creative career if I didn’t accept them, the responds I receive about my music, whether good or bad shapes my growth.


Criticism has transform my music game, and now I’m glad dealing with sound engineers and producers such as Alvinmusic and ColdOOnMusic.


Now I’m using technical terms used in the music industry, during the process, I recently had the opportunity for my music to be reviewed by a Finnish sound engineer and producer Jarno Alho, who mentioned the fatness and upper frequency my music was lacking, of which the above engineers have expose me to.

Don’t let nothing hold you down, don’t be shy and never slack the confidence to expose your works to the world, for through that you will find yourself. Be encourage and never lose courage.

Watch out for my upcoming release #neverretreat produce by ColdOOnMusic

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